Glen Echo Amusement Park Research Paper

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However the Glen Echo Amusement Park did not allow Clifton Davis to accompany his white friends, on a class trip to the theme park because of his skin color. The Glen Echo Amusement Park policy to exclude people of color is unjust because it is violating the constitution and it is prejudice. First of all the Glen Echo Amusement park policy is unjust because it is taking away the right of freedom from Clifton Davis. The Lincoln, “Gettysburg Address”, speech states that “...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and the government of the people , by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”(Lincoln,1863). This show that everyone is free. This also explain that if they are free, they can go anywhere and do anything they want to do. Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech states that “This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, should be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”(MLK Speech). This evidence shows that everyone have the right of freedom, life, and…show more content…
The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal. This explains that all people should be treated equal even if they have different color skin or from different race. This also explains that when all people are created equal, they should have equal rights as others. In addition Mason-Dixon Memory by Clifton Davis states that “‘Glen Echo Amusement Park is in Maryland”,she said at last “and the management doesn’t allow negroes inside.”(Davis). This show that Glen Echo Amusement Park doesn’t allow people of different skin color which is discriminatory. This also show that the park is breaking the “The Declaration of Independence” which is illegal. Finally Glen Echo Amusement Park policy is unfair because they are disobeying “The Declaration of
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