Ellenn Gould Major Accomplishments

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As one of the most noteworthy performers and musicians of his time, and more specifically of the era of 20th century classical music, Glenn Gould (1932 - 1982) has certainly earned his widespread recognition that has extended across decades since his passing in 1982. While his body of work is extensive, and within that body of work lies several characteristics worthy of discussion, perhaps the most noteworthy of Gould 's performances lie within his interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750) 's music. Having been performed throughout his life, Gould influenced the development of classical music in Canada and changed the approach of many musicians towards the Baroque era of music. With his passion for contrapuntal craftmanship, it is clear that that Gould garnered influence from …show more content…

Glenn Gould was born in 1932 to Florence and Russell Gould, in Toronto, Ontario, where he would spend much of his early career as a Musician. His mother was his first teacher, and would play music for him while in his mother 's womb to expose him to the art2. Glenn was always interested in music from an early age, as he states, "I was about three, I think. I don 't really know because I don 't recall any conscious effort to get me to play the piano at any time. It was just one of those things I took to as if I feel into a swimming pool and became a swimmer"3. Glenn was an incredibly gifted musician, though he denied being a child prodigy. He continued to study with his mother until at the age of 10, he began studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. As an ethnic Canadian, Glenn Gould had spent a significant portion of his life both traveling throughout various parts of the country, and taking residence in various Canadian towns and cities as a part of his life as a performer, though he spent most of his later years in his hometown. His first performance being when he was thirteen-years old, was Beethoven 's fourth piano concerto, with the Toronto symphony

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