Glenn Miller In WWII

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“Entertainment is always a national asset. Invaluable in time of peace it is indispensable during wartime… All those who are working for the entertainment industry… are building and maintaining national morale both on the battlefront and on the homefront.” -President Franklin D. Roosevelt- June 12,1943 (“Glenn Miller in WWII”). Alton Glenn Miller, an Air Force veteran, served our country during World War II by doing what he loved, and what he was good at, music. Glenn Miller, a famous musician, bandleader, and veteran, was born on March 1,1904, in Clarinda, Iowa. In 1918 Miller and his family now live in Colorado, where he graduates Colorado High School in 1921. During his four years there, he played in the band. Soon after graduating,…show more content…
Glenn even recreated the rhythm section of the band by giving the snare players, full drum sets, and adding a bass. Two jeeps were edited to hold the new rhythm section right beside the marching band. Eisenhower even made a special radio broadcasting system to keep in contact with the forces (“Glenn Miller in WWII”). The new system even had a way to broadcast some music off of it. The Glenn Miller Orchestra played a total three hours and 15 minutes to broadcast. The band created miniature versions of the band to cover different parts of the broadcast, which helped minimize the repeats. Eventually, Glenn Miller wanted to bring the AAF music to the front lines, so he pushed to go to Paris. The day of the flight was one of bad weather, and grounded all of the planes. One pilot was willing to fly him to Paris, though the weather was bad. The pilot, Glenn, and three other passengers on that plane, disappeared over the English Channel, where the weather was supposedly clearing up. (“Glenn Miller in WWII”). Glenn Miller has helped change our world by playing music. He helped give our troops the high morale to win the war for us and our allies. The music styles that Glenn put out and made, helped us and our allies, win
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