Glg 101 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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As I am from diverse background that is raised in the Pakistan and experienced high school and college life in the United States, I often had to go through various difficulties to know what people consider acceptable behavior and what is deviant behavior. Because of this experience, I have gotten better at understanding people. This is very important as this personal characteristics helps me to make sure I do not ending up disrespecting people. By listening to people and observing their actions and their response to different situations, I try to analyze and understand their culture and their moral beliefs. Because of this skills, I try to approach people and interact with them in the best way possible and make a positive difference in their lives.…show more content…
Teaching is a big part of me as I have taught many of my friends and other students. I have used my talent as an artist to give life to the words and diagram in the textbook. I have used my art to help people visualize abstract thinking and understand different concepts, especially when it comes to chemistry, biology, and physics. Through the art, I have tried to make a learning more of a fun and challenging by using the ideas of everyday objects. Because art has a more flexibility when it comes to how it is presented, I have tried to include my art and animation in different presentations. Nowadays I am even trying to write and illustrate the graphic novel to convey my personal ideas through a story by letting the readers experience the adventures of the characters, witnessing the conflict, and understanding the sacrifice of different characters. This is one of the ways I am trying to challenge myself to make a long-lasting impact on my audience which would add in the educational experience of

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