Glg 101 Week 4 Assignment

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My Thoughts Exercise: Assignment #7 Anaïs Nin On Truth and Reality 1. Page 206. “The change came from within; it was a force which could solve conflicts and dualities.” My Thoughts: This quote was in regards to Dr. Rank’s therapy sessions with Nin and her realization of this huge experience with fixing herself inside. Nin speaks of strengthening her “creative will” or how she refers to it her “stubbornness” and how this exercise from Dr. Rank shifted to changing her personal life and the after effects were explosive. I found this quote to be enlightening and life changing. In order to live your own individual version of the good life I think you have to start from within and repair yourself before moving on. Everything else will fall into place…show more content…
Opposites Attract! 1. Page 241. “Self-ignorance is one of the principle enemies of autonomy, and self-knowledge requires being honest with oneself about who one is-owning up to and owing one’s identity”. My Thoughts: I found this quote to be extremely important and felt it connected back to Anaïs Nin’s section. It’s all about connecting with yourself within and knowing who you are. You have to be honest with yourself and know exactly who you are before you can live a good life. Meyers points out that its important to know who you truly are just based on personal reasons and for important cases like “moral and political autonomy”. What I took away from this quote was don’t get caught up in someone else’s group and remain silent but to tap into your true being and flourish. 2. Page 239. “In a society that is historically divided along harsh, unyielding axes of dominance and subordination, individuals cannot escape the influence of cultural stereotypes and other prescriptive representations of the groups they belong to, nor can they escape the influence of the social and economic advantages and disadvantages that institutions confer on these
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