Glimepride Case Study

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Figure No: 6.1- Standard Curve for Metformin Hcl 6.3.2. Standard Curve For Glimepride Preparation of stock solution An accurately weighed quantity of 50mg of Glimepride was taken in a clean, dry 100ml of volumetric flask. Then volume was made upto 100ml with Methanol and the solution was mixed properly by sonication for 30mins. From that 2ml was drawn and transfer into a 100ml volumetric flask and volume was made upto 100ml. Determination of λmax The absorbance of the solution was scanned from 200-400nm wavelength in UV-Visible Spectrophotometer(Model no- V-630). In the present work the maximum absorbance (λmax) of Glimepride was found at 228nm. Preparation of standard dilution From the stock solution, 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml solution…show more content…
PRE-COMPRESSION PARAMETERS 6.5.1. Loss on Drying24 Mix and weigh accurately 1 to 2 gm of the substance. If the substance is the form of large crystals, reduce the particle size to about 2mm by quickly crushing. Tare a glass- stoppered shallow weighing bottle that has been dried for 30 minutes under the same conditions to be employed in the determination Put the test specimen in the bottle, replace the cover and accurately weigh the bottle and the contents. Distribute the test specimen as evenly as practicable to a depth of about 5mm generally and not more than 10mm in the case of bulky materials. Place the loaded bottle in the drying chamber (LOD Oven) by removing the stopper and leaving it also in the chamber. Dry the test specimen at the temperature and for the time specified. Note: The temperature specified in the monograph is to be regarded as being within the range of + 20°C of the stated figure. In an oven within a specified temperature…show more content…
Metformin Hydrochloride and Polymer (DCP, HPMC K100M, ) PVP-K30, were sifted through 40# sieve. The ingredients were then loaded into planetary mixer and mixed for 30 minutes. Talc, and Magnesium Stearate was sifted through 40# sieve. Then the granules were prepared by taking the mixture from planatory mixture and put them in Granulator by adding IPA as solvent. After sometime the granules were seemed to be formed and then they are put into tray dryer for drying. After sufficient drying the granules were passed through 14# sieve and now to the granules Glimepride was added with lubrication and the granules are then ready for

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