Global Brand Situation In Saudi Arabia Case Study

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Global Brand Situation in Saudi Arabia
The issue of global brand presence in Saudi Arabia was reviewed by Assad (2007. The research established that both local and global factors had a crucial role to play in consumerism in Saudi Arabia. Some of the issues that have promoted the growth of the lifestyle of Western consumerism in the country include proliferation of the shopping center, urbanization, and manipulative advertising. This is an indicator of the existence of a strong relationship between the market in Saudi Arabia and global presence in the state. It was also established that this issues has a bigger impact on the younger than the older generation. In general, global brands are more preferred than the local brands in the country.
A similar study that established findings by Assad (2007) was conducted by Opoku (2012). The aim of Opoku’s (2012) study was to evaluate the impact of peer pressure on university students in the county. He established that most young students bought items based on the existing culture. This has been influenced by the presence of global brands in the country. Peer pressure makes most buyers
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Their findings indicated that there was a high rate of growth of consumerism in the country. This was attributed to the influx of global trends in the country. A high number of people have resolved to use global brands that were more popular as opposed to the local ones. Additionally, global luxury brands were used by the wealthy and the rich in the society. Examples of fields where this is evident are the clothing and automobile industries. Most people opted to buy products from either American or European brands. According to the analysis of the demographic factors, Al-Ghamdi, Sohail and Al-Khaldi (2007) noted that the trend was more prevalent among the younger generation due to exposure to

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