Global Branding Strategy Of Bollywood Case Study

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GLOBAL BRANDING STRATEGY OF BOLLYWOOD FILMS This project is submitted to Cass business school as a part of the requirements for the award of MSc Marketing Strategy Innovation. Submitted in: September 2015 Supervised by: Mario Campana Submitted by: Satvika Modi ABSTRACT (150) The aim of this project is to comprehend the pathway to successful global branding building in the world of Indian Cinema. Bollywood is the second largest film industry in the world, churning out ___ blockbusters annually out of which many are distributed globally. This project aims to comprehend the global branding strategy, using…show more content…
According to him, research needs to be carried out on issues related to globalisation like global brand building, and the concept of global branding in Bollywood is an important area of research that has not been conducted till now. Therefore, this research focuses on the global branding strategy used in Bollywood films. It will provide knowledge as to how movies become such big global brands today and the strategies they employ for branding. To study the branding strategy of Bollywood, an appropriate model that will identify the branding strategy from all dimensions, has to be used. To study this, Kapferers brand identity prism has been used. Through the brand identity prism, kapferer identifies 6 aspects of brand identity, namely, physique, personality, culture, relationship, reflection and self-image. Physique describes the brands features that are evoked in the minds of the consumers as soon as the name of the brand is mentioned. It helps to address the look and appearance of the brand. Personality reflects the brand’s character. By communicating with the consumers in a certain way, these can be given the feeling that all brand related communication actually constitutes specific character traits speaking to them. These traits can be noticed by design features, colour schemes etc. Culture exhibits the value system and the basic principles that a brand follows and bases its behaviour upon. Culture links the brand with the organisation. Relationship is the equation that a consumer shares with the brand. It symbolises the relationship that the consumer shares with the brand. Reflection shows the character or personality of a brand’s stereotypical user. It serves as a source of identification. Self-image projects the mirror that the target group holds. It reflects the perceptions of the users of the

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