Global Challenges Of Food Security

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This paper will assess the global challenges of food security and propose various solutions to improve the food security. Food security is a very broad concept and it is interpreted in different ways.Food and Agriculture Organization [FAO] (1996) defines food security as a condition where all the people have enough access to food for an active and healthy life at all times. On the other hand FAO (2003) describes a situation without physical, social and economic access to food as food insecurity.

The current global agriculture scenario produces enough food for the global population but FAO (2003) advocate the view that food is not uniformly distributed across individuals, households, countries and among the regions. In addition global food security faces numerous issues and challenges, which are discussed below.

2. Issues and Challenges of Food Security

2.1 Increase in global population
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The world population is projected to reach 9.8 billon by 2050, considering the population growth rate of 1.10 percent. It is obvious that the increase in global population particularly that of developing countries in Asia and Africa would increase the demand for food. FAO(n.d) indicates that this increase in population will require the food production to be increased by 70 percent. This increase in population would add pressure to the use of arable land and water resources according to the Population Action International (2011). Further FAO (2009); Population Action International (2011) suggest that 70 percent of the world population would be urban by 2050 resulting in changes to lifestyle and consumption pattern adding more pressure to food

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