Global Change: Global Issues In Relation To Climate Change

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"Global Governance" at the moment is the main catchphrase in international relations. There is a rapidly growing discourse between political figures emerging around the area of the environment and the governance of this at a global level. The problem with the environment is not new, it has been around for many years but neglected at a global level. The issue was treated at a local level but it is a major issue at both local and global levels. The main cause for this problem is the rapid widespread of industrialization and the growth in population worldwide. In this essay, global issues in relation to climate change will be discussed mainly with the view to the concerns that effect the environment. The majority of global issues have a link to the climate, for example the basic needs such as food, water, health, and shelter. Factors that lead to climate change may affect these needs with increased temperatures, sea level rise, changes in precipitation, and more frequent or intense extreme events. Each group in society will be affected differently by climate change. Some of the people in society are particularly sensitive to the impact that climate change has, such as the elderly, the infirm, children, native and tribal groups, and low-income populations. Key natural resources, affecting water and food security may be threatened by climate change. Although climate change is a global problem, the impacts will not be the same across the planet. The impacts are more than likely
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