Global Citizenship

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In this modern era of technology, everyone is connected in countless forms all over the world. This modernized world is rapidly growing in the field of communication because of rapid communicating sources. This is the reason that world has accepted the form of a global village. Today, every one of us is a Global Citizen whether we are aware of it or not. Global Citizenship is a powerful idea that is based on self’ understanding in relation to others. Whereas, cultures play an important role to understand others. It means that the cultural understanding is significant to know about others. This can be possible through learning others’ languages.
Global citizenship is an abstract concept, but it is a powerful notion. It is a way of how you think,
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Global citizens are the ones who own broader sense of the world than a common man, have rationality of their own role as an active global citizen not as a local citizen, who treat each individual respectfully irrespective of race, color and religion and value diversity at global levels and understanding of how the world works. Actually, he is annoyed by social injustice and being bias around him. Hence, he contributes in the community from the local to the global. Another characteristic of Global citizen is to make the world a more just and sustainable place. Because, he is not here only to violate and consume all the natural resources for his own peaceful and luxurious life but it is more than mandatory for him to wisely utilize and save resources for upcoming generations along with peaceful environment. If truth be spoken, the one who wants to become an effective global citizens people, then he must have these characteristics; flexible, creative and pro-active. What I mean that each individual need to work hard for effective global citizenship. In addition, people can solve problems, make decisions, think critically, communicate effectively within…show more content…
As actions speaks louder than words likewise the customs, traditions, values, norms and symbolic representation define others culture to the people even before their interactions through communicating in native language. Being Global citizen, it is one of the significant responsibilities to keep and continue building bridges and keep on removing gaps to bring the world at one platform. Not only removing the gaps is one of the essential responsibilities of global citizen but also contributing in preventing from their destruction, in order to divide further apart. For its sake, we can build new roads and ways towards peace simply by understanding other cultures. This will encourage interactions to be peaceful and accepter of each other’s cultures and exchange positive practices of others. Which let us think critically and accept diversity in form of different prevailing cultures around us. As a whole, these all can be achieved through learning other languages that are the innate languages of other cultures, where we initiate interacting with others from outside our borders, and indirectly expand multilingual abilities. This is condition, through which one will truly discover similarities than differences when understanding others languages. Culture embarks your choices, lifestyles, thinking, beliefs and a lot more to be explored. Language or cultural traditions never come between brothers and sisters as
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