The Benefits Of Higher Education

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“Before you finish eating breakfast this morning, you have depended on more than half world” (Smith, 2015). The exchange of civilizations and goods goes back to the early period of time in the nineteenth century (Held, 2004). Nowadays people in any country can choose their daily needs from any part of the world (Buckley, 2008).Furthermore, they can share their knowledge and culture with other countries (Smith, 2015).This reflects the benefits of globalization which help students in their education (Buckley, 2008). Most of the higher education institutions are searching about new ways of teaching that help students to be more globally engaged minded. For this reason, it seems to be a reasonable assumption that global citizenship value should…show more content…
There is an increasing interest in how higher education can educate students to become more globally engaged minded citizens. Higher education should help students to know their skills and aspirations then develop and exploit them to help their local and international community. Higher education must play an active role in helping students understand their important role in serving all societies that may contribute to influencing issues and events in their community and other communities (James, 2004). Education abroad is an effective way that contributes to the development of students from a global perspective (Braskamp, 2008). Education abroad has become one of the most effective educational programs in education and the development of intercultural communication skills. (Braskamp, 2008). This experience has an effective impact on student’s discipline, learning and attitudes (Braskamp, 2008). The attributes which the students learn it through learning at university can equip graduates for future employment (Braskamp, 2008). (Bowden, 20000) Clear up that the graduate attributes are the ethics and skills that the students develop it during their learning in the educational institution. These skills and ethics contribute to help the graduate in his profession and prepare graduates to serve their community (Walker, 2010). For instance, in South Africa, the need for graduates who will be able to involve in growing the national economy was emphasized in the national plan in Higher Education ten years ago (DoE, 2001). Higher education has an active role in instilling the skills and values in the students that help them during their learning and in the stage of after graduating from the educational

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