Global Climate Change Essay

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What do you consider to be the most important consequence of global climate change? Discuss. Global climate change is one of the major factors that are likely to affect the ecosystem of the earth in the coming years and centuries. The increase in global temperature as a result of climate change in the 20th century is also the largest in any century over the past 1,000 years associated with the changes in sea level, sea temperature, weather patterns and, precipitation. However, the impacts of global climate change can also be due to human influences on the local environments, including land degradation, land-use changes, population growth and increase in urbanization. Impacts of global climate change not only arise environmental impacts such…show more content…
This means that coastal flooding might have led to an increase in regional pollutants such as sewage, and a reduction in crop yields, suggesting a decrease in the quality of freshwater. An example would be the Pakistan flooding in 2010, which indicated the health impacts of floods, with approximately 25% of health provision facilities partially functioning. Particularly in low income countries, due to the poor provision of health care services, food supplies and water security, this would further lead to increased mortality rates as well as outbreaks of infectious diseases. Furthermore, increased migration due to severe weather conditions or flooding events might exacerbate the population’s health due to impoverished or unsanitary conditions which are likely to increase the exposure to infectious diseases or pollution especially in underdeveloped areas if exposed to contaminated drinking or recreational water. Furthermore, climate change could directly or indirectly impact high income countries (MEDCs) as well, for example the UK, due to the arrival of affected individuals arriving from overseas. This means that the migration would increase pressure on humanitarian assistance and aid provided in the
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