Global Controversy: Recent Climate Change

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Recent climate change has never been a topic without global controversy. With the enormous impact stirred up, from economic loss to environmental disturbance. The ballooning attention to the issue has also triggered fierce discussion of the effectiveness of individual effort in the remedy of the gradually deteriorating environment. In the light of over-exploit natural resources by developers, there are a lot of people accusing the big businesses as the culprit and the biggest liability bearer. Monitoring waste disposal from industries, and establishing strict benchmark for pollutants emission would be the first priority in the imminent situation of Earth rescue. Added, it is also thought that governments around the world should come up with solutions to stop enterprises from incurring colossal climate catastrophes in exchange for their own interest.…show more content…
The “3R”s principle can be a fabulous yet easy start to help contributing. Individual involvements can give the problem of climate change and its prevention a massive boost if everybody has a consciousness and acknowledgement of the power of concerned effort, an effort that is irreplaceable. All in all, society is the polymer of individuals and normal populaces’ belief is representing the whole social atmosphere to a great extent. Taking both points into consideration, I firmly believe that individual citizens cannot sit back and say it is someone else’s responsibility to protect the environments; we must all play our part-individual citizens, governments and big businesses
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