Global Economy In Malaysia Case Study

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EFFECT OF GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONDITION TO THE WORK OF PRACTISING ENGINEERS IN MALAYSIA WONG SEE YING A15KM0411 A REPORT SUBMMITTED IN FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF BACHELOR DEGREE OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (MECHANICAL MATERIAL) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Universiti Teknologi Malaysia DECEMBER 2015 Economy, a noun which refers to a system or a process by which goods and services are being produced sold, and introduced into a region or a country. Global economy refers to the trading system or process and the financial flow around the whole world, internationally. To stay competitive in a financially uncertain and rapidly changing global economy, engineers need to adapt to the changes and apply modifications, they…show more content…
Medical engineers play an important role in the development of new medical solutions. They apply engineering principles and concepts to research and development of medical applications, treatments or diagnostic technologies related to acute or severe medical conditions. Global financial flow means that there are also flow of other country knowledge into our country. For example, they may do research based on artificial organs and prosthetic limbs, computer-assisted procedures and treatments, informatics and medical…show more content…
By having a good economic condition, the people in Malaysia can live a better life. The engineer will be able to invent more products to easier our life. For example, there are various designs of furniture which allow the people to live more comfortable. This is due to the furniture are designed ergonomically, which mean the furniture and made to suit the people body shape or structure. For instance an ergonomic chair not only make the user more comfortable when using it but at the same time it is protecting the vertebra of the people and correcting the sitting position of most people. Apart from ergonomic products, engineers are inventing more handy products such as vacuum cleaning robot, just an ‘on’ button, the robot will clean the house for you and what people have to do is only sitting comfortly and let the robot to do their job. Thus, the invention of these products by engineers can fulfil the higher living standard of the people in Malaysia as the global economy is

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