Essay On Risk Society

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Modern society is developing and changing according to the rules of globalization and overwhelming innovation. Now is the stage of human existence, when industrialization is creating huge risks for the whole world. In that context, environmentalism, as a part of modern social movement incorporates individual lifestyles with governmental control within a nation. It also has a major impact on global environmental issues of different levels of operation. The concept of “risk society” that was entered by Beck is related to the behavior occurring as a response to the modernization. This essay will focus on the key features and critical points of the term “risk society”. The most important point of the risk society is concerned with environmental risks and their nature. There are two types of effects being experienced. First one is a bigger scale – global environmentalism. According to Beck (cited in Giddens, 2011), consequences of that risk society are destructive for the society itself. In other words, people are not aware…show more content…
First of all, there might exist some confounding variables such as cultural differences that are playing big role in the performance of a nation in different aspects of social life. (Matten, 2004) One nation might consider an action as practically applicable, when other’s norms and traditions are totally against it. Secondly, the term “risk society” is not proven with evidence that it is changing nowadays from one stage of industrialization to another. (Briguglio, 2012) To put in a nutshell, the concept of “risk society” emphasizes the modern change, in which people are ready to risk with such aspects as health, in order to achieve material wellbeing. Such and other trends of modern days, cause major and worldwide risks into our planet, ruining its resources and natural environment with innovative and globalizing motive. Moreover, the concept also has some ambiguous and disputable
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