Global Factors And The Causes Of Climate Change

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Climate Change: There are a number of global problems happening for example terrorism, spread of infectious diseases, poverty, economic crisis, proliferation of nuclear weapons, and increase in armed conflict but none of these problems is much bigger than climate change. I have a strong conviction that Climate Change is a major global problem that possesses the greatest threat to human existence on earth and thus we need to pay a lot attention to this climate change in every part of the world because it is already happening and our weather is in turmoil not by natural events but mainly mankind’s activities. Over most of Earth’s history, natural processes have been responsible for periods of climate change. The Earth 's climate has changed throughout its history long before human activity could have played a role. For example, the planet has swung between cold glacial periods or "ice ages", and warm interglacial periods over the last few million years. Changes in the past can be explained by natural factors such as changes in the Earth 's orbit, in the sun 's intensity, in the amount of explosive volcanic activity, by changes to the surface of the Earth, and farther back in time, to the position of the continents. Of these, only changes in the sun’s intensity and volcanic activity are relevant on century timescales. However, today human activity has now become the main cause of recent climate change. The strong global warming observed since the mid-20th century has been
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