Analysis Of Global Flows In A Digital Age

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The McKinsey report “Global Flows in a Digital Age” states that there are two major forces accelerating the growth and evolution of global flows - the increasing global prosperity and the growing pervasiveness of internet connectivity and the spread of digital technologies.

The analysis showed that the developed economies currently are more connected than emerging markets, with the latter growing rapidly. Knowledge-intensive flows increasingly dominate global flows and to increase share in these flows, emerging economies are speeding up efforts to build skilled labor forces, develop innovative platforms and improve internet infrastructure.

Rising incomes and the expansion of the middle classes in the emerging economies are creating new
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As a result of its continued engagement in global flows, increasing growth opportunities and attractive living and working environment, Tianjin can expect in the next 5-10 years, a large migration of new residents into Tianjin in search of good jobs and better homes. The economic development of the city has caused incomes to rise, thereby raising consumption and resulting in more demand for retail and housing real estate. As Tianjin urbanizes, more satellite cities e.g. Tianjin Eco-City will be built to accommodate and support the influx of residents and businesses.

Technology advances, e.g. digitization and e-commerce in China, have brought about the needs for logistics services, including express delivery, freight forwarding and modern warehousing. Going forward and riding on these developments, Tianjin will be building more logistics facilities and infrastructure to serve North China and East Asia, thereby improving upon its position as Asia’s aviation hub and north China’s most important
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This calls for the building of better infrastructure and transportation networks, such as expansion of the capacity of its airport and seaport, high-speed rail to other cities and development of expressways and underground subways. As Tianjin becomes more connected and continues to lead in attracting foreign investment, it is expected that real estate demand in the city will remain robust. As more companies and people move into Tianjin, market thickness grows and so does demand for commercial and industrial real

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