Global Food Security Problems

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Global food security problem Global environmental changes have resulted in many problems like air and water pollution, environmental disasters, global warming and food security is one of these problems. The number and proportion of hungry people in the world are in decline with the recovery in the global economy and the survival food prices, but the hunger rate is still higher than it was before the crisis rising food prices and the economic crisis. Over the time these causes of food security issue are aggravating and growing which makes the need for speed avoided and resolved. This essay will discuss the global food security issue that emerged due to the population explosion, climate changes, agriculture problems, and lack of awareness of…show more content…
Starting with the first reason, the population explosion is one of the most common reasons affecting the food security problem, which is defined as the lack of balance between (the increase in the number of births) and the resources available in a particular country. Global population growth leads to the inability of some countries to meet the needs of the people and as a result upset the balance of living for families, which leads to increase the proportion of famine in some areas and sufficient living needs on other places and this will increase the spread of diseases. According to a 2004 article from the BBC, China, the world 's most populous country, is suffering from an obesity epidemic. On the other hand India is the second-most populous country in the world, 30 million people have been added to the ranks of the hungry since the mid-1990s and 46% of children are underweight. The second reason of the food security problem is climate change. International Forecasters predicted significant global warming in the coming decades due to increased carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Climate change affects the productivity of its agriculture and human health. It is possible that climate change leads to the death of crops, drought and soil erosion. In addition, human health might be affected by the sudden weather…show more content…
This is an important question that can lead to significant change. First of all, “there are three pillars that food security built on which are: food availability, food access and food use”. These pillars support the food security and reduce the problem of this statement. First reason of the food security problem that have mentioned is the population explosion. China is one of the countries which put an end to the problem of population explosion by the law provides for reducing the reproduction. There are many solutions can fix or reduce the population explosion such as: Scientific study to examine the size of the population problem, Inform and educate families and individuals in different ways and Strengthening the health care system and family planning so that people get to know the full contraceptives and methods of birth spacing. The second reason of the food security problem was climate change. Since the burning of fossil fuels is the primary source of greenhouse gases, "global warming" should be cut back our dependence on oil as a primary source of energy. Alternative solutions exist: renewable energy "peaceful" and the rationalization of energy use, also exploitation of water resources and rational use. Jordan is great example exploitation water resources to conquer Desertification. The final reason that has mentioned is agriculture issues. Some of the studies in the Arab world confirm that (some areas can term

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