Global Hunger And Poverty

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Global hunger and poverty are challenges that have always threatened the mankind. Millions of people around the world, specifically those in countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, have suffered extreme conditions of malnutrition and low income that affected other aspects of their lives such as their welfare, education, job opportunities and so on (1). As these challenges have reached their worst levels during the late 90s, the United Nations gathered to, collaboratively, alleviate their effects resulting in the prominent Millennium project, which proposed goals to be achieved over a certain period of time (2). In addition, the first Millennium Development Goal (MDG1) mainly focused on halving the number of the poor and hungry people in the world from 800 million to 400 million over a period of 25 years from 1990 to 2015 (2). Fortunately, throughout the period 1998-2002 many improvements took place that facilitated the reduction of poverty and hunger in the developing countries in Asia such as China (2). The improvements were, as recorded, an increase in overall incomes by 21 per cent, which led to a decline in the number of people with extreme poverty by an estimated 130 million, as well as a decrease in child and maternal mortalities (1). However, these developments are insignificant compared to the promises made in the agreement. Therefore, this essay argues that the international collaborations have failed to improve the situation of the affected countries in

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