Negatives Of Climate Change Essay

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The impacts of climate change include:-
The rapid rate at which glaciers melt. Results have shown that when President Taft established Glacier National Park in 1910, where an estimated of 150 glaciers resided. But today the number of glaciers have been reduced to less than 30 and most of those that remain have shrunk by two-thirds in area.
Early breeding and earlier arrival dates of birds which were observed in Colorado where the American robins arrived fourteen days earlier. The migration patterns of these birds often follow rising temperature northward but in the recent years these patterns have been distorted due to the impacts of climate change.
The decline of the population of the emperor penguins on Antarctic Peninsula. Recent research shows that over the last twenty years there has been a vast decline of 36 percent in the chinstrap penguin population, and the culprit behind this massive drop in the population of birds is climate change. The black strip of feathers that runs below their chin depend on krill as their chief source of food. Krill are shrimp like creatures that live in chunks of ice in the Antarctic Ocean. These species melt away along with the ice melting.
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Global warming is has caused a widespread for the usage of non-renewable resources (fossil fuels) in industries, offices and homes. Therefore it is proven that global warming is tightly linked to the rapid industrial growth. The greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, released have become excessive and beyond the earth’s remaining forests can absorb. The increase in the level of greenhouse gases leads to further heat trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in overall warmer temperatures. This increase in global temperature causes glaciers to
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