Global Impact On Terrorism

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Terrorism is a phenomenon unfortunately becoming a regular occurrence in multiple countries globally and has a direct impact on society as a whole. It impacts the whole world in multiple ways. These impacts can leave long term effects on some countries inhabited or under the control of terrorists. If not controlled, terrorism can also negatively impact the global severely economy. Throughout this paper I will explore the effect of terrorism globally.

Global Perspective:
In the past few years, Nigeria has been one of the countries most heavily affected by terrorism. ‘Boko haram’ is a local terrorist organization which occupies some areas. The meaning of the militant group’s name is ‘Western education is haram’1. The group promotes a violent version of Islam and claim to be committed to the prophet’s teachings, however, they have twisted all the meanings of the prophet’s teachings. Their movement forbids Muslims to pursue activities associated with western society such as
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I have been forced to mature quicker simply by observing the fact that we seem to hear about acts of religious extremity or terrorism in some form exceptionally frequently. Technology has played a large role in this as news travels so rapidly in modern day and whenever a terrorist attack takes place it becomes a much talked about global headline. At times I do think that it has taken its toll on me mentally by making me panic about Islamophobia or my personal safety. It has scared me, but it has also made me stronger and empowered by realising that I can be the change in the world. In this way, these scenarios have aligned my morals by driving me to aid those in need by donated food and financial donations. I hope that in the near future terrorism and violence can be prevented and that the future generations do not have to come into this world fearing the ground they walk

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