Global Impact On Tourism

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Jodi-Ann. Robinson, ID: 20121617, Research Methodology, Grade 3H. Snežana Štetić, Dario Šimičević, Dr. Sanja Pavlović (2017). The importance of technologies for a national hotel company development, journal of quaestus multidisciplinary research journal. The constant change internationally impact on the tourism and hospitality industries in ways of economic, social and political factors with that said ,According to the article “Tourism is, a known global process that involves people from all over the world and leads the tourists to different parts of the world.” the article intertwines the globalization impact on tourism from…show more content…
It explains on matters of the mass, experience and sensations due to the constant changes due to global development giving further insight of the linkage with other industry and how tourism ensure sustainability. The article use a qualitative approach souring data from various websites and articles. Data research looks at the tourism operation with the other industry and from different sector of tourism and different countries like China, Brazil and others. According to the article “The globalisation of tourism is the result of a more general trend of growing economic globalisation and technological advancements in communications and transportation.” This new prospect enforces tourism managing with a global approach and companies designed on linkages where management faces two precise source and demand drivers. Global demand drivers require developing different segments of global mass tourism while the offer drivers relate to corporate transfer pricing and sustainability policies, often-opposing forces, but always correlated with short- and long-term profit. The importance for the constant changes of tourism globalization is of several factors, this include: the population increase with high income and recreational time, the low cost of travel with the continuing reduction of travel times, and also the mass media globalisation that makes the difference in the population everywhere more aware of the outside world (Tisdell, 2004). Judging from current reading other author stared the realization to the fact that globalization, not only affect the segments of tourism but also the other business that link with the helping to for the functionality and how important is for the sustainability and competiveness of the industry and so, the need for the management of the tourism on a global scale is relevant. Globalization is a factor that not only one industry or
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