Global Issues In Volkswagen

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1. Climate change. Volkswagen is facing sever environmental and climatic issues since its co2 emission scandal came into picture. The company using ‘defeat software’ to cheat the norms of emission was one thing that has led to many reparation losses as well as devaluation of the stocks of VW. Therefore the company now wants a sustainable climatic policy in line with EPA so that such kind of challenges are not faced in future. 2. Noise, health, biodiversity & Environment impact The company’s emission scandal has led a great environmental impact. The overall impact would be less but if you consider the impact in Europe alone than it is significant. On September 18 2015 EPA found out that Volkswagen uses an algorithm in its diesel engines which…show more content…
Demographic change Started in 2009, the funding initiative ‘Europe and global challenges’ which aims at research and development activities to impact the society and promote academic excellence and their practical implications. This can be considered as a region wise CSR initiative of the company, to uplift the backward part of society in terms of technology and research. 4. Globalization & Digitization Our world is changing at a very fast pace. Globalization, emergence of new technologies, dependence on internet and its increased use are the driving forces behind this constantly changing world. Computers, smartphones, robots, machines etc. are defining our day to day activities and also our life at office and factory. The same way digitization is also changing our way of life. 5. Market Shift Volkswagen has altered its strategy by focusing on tweaked production, localized parts, and branding, sales, service. Apart from this Volkswagen’s major challenge is to compete in raw material cost to keep its overall cost of production under control and compete with…show more content…
Volkswagen has been consistent in its efforts of advancing and developing new technologies as well as creating a sustainable environment policy which would promote clean and green environment. In this regards the opportunities provided by digitization are immense. Upgradation of present technologies to serve future challenges is where Volkswagen is working upon and facing an immense challenge to bring about the required changes in the present

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