Global Manager Case Study

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1. Ensure availability of resources
a) Human Resources
Remuneration competitors better staff can determine migration by them.
Start of operations by other companies in the same field can lead to mass resignations.
The number of competitors is developing in Romania, which is a threat to the company.
b) Social Resources
Social problems caused by leaving in larger groups of firm.
Disputes between individuals due to interest or rumors.
c) N 2.5 Qualities of a Global Manager. Practical exemple Today's management environments are becoming more diverse and complex. This is especially true for a global manager. As business globalised, there is a need for more of global managers, as they go global, they not only handle the professional goals but also
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Polycentric - mangers with polycentric philosophy may limit the company to several individual foreign markets. Geocentric - managers with geocentric philosophy may lead management to create more of an integrated worldwide presence in marketing and production. Global manager should have the ability to foresee and prepare for the future. A true global manager knows his business well and has the ability to meet the changing needs of customers of today. Hence managers with geocentric philosophical view would be preferred for the world as of today. A recent study at the University of Southern California identified fourteen personal characteristics which can distinguish persons with high potential for global management from those with low potential. A global environment requires that managers learn to deal effectively with people and ideas from a variety of cultures. How well-prepared are managers to be a global manager? The following statements and the scale is an example used that most closely reflects how well the statement describes the managers.
Scale - Good Description 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Poor Description
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These interviews were sent as a questionnaire to them since some of the interviewees are people who do not stay in Romania, we utilized e-mail as a medium to send the questions to the interviewees. We got a positive response from all 4 interviewees and is able to analyse the information further to differentiate the management style in reality and theory.
Data Processing Data processing was done by careful study of the response and tracking each response for theoretical validity and its practicality. The data was mainly took into consideration of the individuals style of working and dealing in intercultural and inter-continental economic and political aspects affecting their business. All interviewees have indicated that they want they identity to be kept anonymous.

Interview Reports
Interviewee 1
Position: Principal
Industry: School
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