Global Market Segmentation Case Study

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Introduction Global market segmentation has been defined as a tools of strategic marketing which as a process of identifying a specific segments for potential target audience after analysis the specific target country or nation environmental, identifying those market opportunities and forecasting the future trends in that business areas . By doing market segmentation is easy for business company to establishing the marketing objectives to implementing, developing and managing the country or nation marketing program positing strategies in order to meet the market target audience needs (Mongay, 2006). Global market segmentation strategy is important to development is complicated in the global markets by the need for companies to underlying related…show more content…
In a short word, marketing segmentation strategy are correspond to the target needs to effectively its own branding position relative to the identified market segment. Concept of global market segment The concept of global market segmentation are the most hot issue in the company marketing in the roles of positioning, developing and distribute an unit selling technique to sell product across the specific target national boundaries. The market segment potential customer are in similarity purchase behaviour. Market targeting as a process of evaluating the segment and focusing on the business market efforts on targeted country, nation of consumer which the company seen as potential audience to respond, example as those customer which have most effectiveness, efficiencies and able for profitably. The positioning of the marketing is required to differentiate the current product image of company brand in the target audience minded. Global market able to be segment according the customer…show more content…
Therefore the product attributes have to be more analysis to generating which potential way to market those product and the firm need to be differentiate their major technologic and market competitor. Such as the advantage of the product pricing, quality, functioning and benefit segmentation. Psychical product attributes are normally been search by customer perceive in between different product and brands. (Y.Datta, 1996). The concept of relate to the market and product it need to as a strategic analysis of marketing makes reference to the future situation of production and markets, which have guided the company a future path way. (Prahalad, K., C., Ramaswamy, & Venkat, 2004) As a successful firm, it need to contributed more significant way to clarify the orientations of marketing manager to identified the product marketing strategies are open to interpretations. (Piercy & Nigel, 2000).In the traditional market, the global marketers must need to be determine what are the standardized or what need to be adoption in marketing mix which are required to have a better services to commit the customer needs and wants. To performing market segmentation, those marketer need to generate those insights needs to devise the most effective approach, It can begin at choosing a target grouping of customer which having common of variable include geographic segmentation,

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