Global Marketing Case Study: Red Bull Company

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Case study
Red bull is an austrian brand that was founded in 1987 as an inspiration from an energy drink which is Krating Daeng . It was launched in the austrian market in 1988 but it did not have success because the austrian market was not suitable and big enough so it lose one million dollar during the fourth first years so they decided to move to germany’s market where It had succeded and become the top brand and the market leader in the world wide market as compared to the other energy drinks such as coca cola , monster , burn ,... Among the ingredients that red bull is composed of is high quantity of caffeine and taurine , some callories . Outline :
- The company ‘s developement
- Redbull’s internal and external environment
- Swot analysis
- STP processing of the company ,its product and market development :
- The positioning strategies done by the company :
- Redbull marketing mix strategies
- Conclusion
Redbull’s development focusing on marketing activities : In 1987 Redbull was launched in the austrian market but it did not work because the market was not big enough so they have moved Redbull to germany’s market after four years of losses .Shortly after Redbull has become the market leader comparatively to its competitors with a premium price , premium product and premium profitability .First segment of REdbull was the young males that need energy to increase concentration ,power and performance .Redbull launched its product all over 166
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