Global Perspective On Education: The Importance Of Education

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Global Perspective
Why I chose this topic?
Education is the key to life, which is why it is essential that every human being is exposed to it. No matter the age, gender, race or religion, education is necessary for all.
Education can be defined as a system where we learn new values, skills, ideas or cultures. Education is a form of learning, in which the knowledge, skills and habits are transferred from one generation to the next. It doesn’t always means learning or getting new information but teaching others how to apply what they learned.
According to (Yero, 2001-2002):
Nowadays we can say that the major contributors to our education are schools/colleges however it doesn’t necessary mean that it can’t take place at home, schools, colleges, universities or even in jail.
Education opens our mind, giving the ability to understand the world we are living in. It teaches us about the world in which we live, about the people surrounding us, giving information of how the world was and how it may become. Everyone should have access to education, no matter who the person is, we all have the right to be educated and have the same resources.

Global Perspectives
Importance of education:
Education is very important and every human has the right to benefit from it since it may help us to recognize what each of us wants to be in the future and achieve some of our goals in life. Education is also important because it gives us the ability and skills needed interact with people around us.
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