Global Relationship: What Is Global Citizenship?

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What is global citizenship?
It is the system in which every person can identify their life styles, communication ways, different cultures, civilizations, norms, and adopt different practices related to their beliefs, values and religions. People can learn new thing about new societies and countries by adopting and interacting with the individuals to know about globe. It is the global citizenship which makes people responsible to love the humanity and overcome the different problems i.e. Terrorism, suicide attacks, sexual harassments, murders, education, hunger, religious attacks around the globe.
For example: According to latest news of the media a terrorist organization called as Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacks the different
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Some people can adopt the new cultures very quickly; because they can interpret and understand very quickly. In this regard languages have own importance to interpret the diversity. Multilingualism helps people to meet with the standards of the diversity. Standards of diversity are like as to fulfill the human right, freedom of expression, acceptance of religions, acceptance of ideas, welcoming of colors, genders equality and so on.
One can understand the culture of any country through the assimilation and acculturation process. Assimilation is the process through which people can make goals or targets to copy any behavior in the groups. Those behaviors can be learned by any one when they will interact with the globe or any other group or individual person. Each person learn new behaviors according to need and interest and they support own way of living style to show the diversity and expressions of global citizenship in their surroundings.
Being a human as a social animal; anybody can interact with their surroundings. If we want to promote the global citizenship then we need to be more interactive with each other. We need to accept the religious diversity, we need to celebrate the happiness of each and individual, we need to behave with others as we accept from others, we need to analyze own self and understand others as the global citizenship concept can be
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Pakistan occupies the different cultures among them language diversity is one of the powerful factor through which Pakistan is contributing the role in the global citizenship. Education is the source of diversity through which teachers and students can learn new cultures, traditions, civilizations, behaviors and thinking patterns.
Culture is the basic need to give identity own self at local, national and global level. Pakistan is occupying the different cultures like as Sindhi, Punjabi, Balouchi and sirayki. Pakistan is more divers’ country from religious, ethnic, racial and gender point of view. If our young generation wants to fallow the unity across the globe then we need to contribute our roles at micro and macro level. Languages can help us to understand and communicate with others because languages are the sources of information and without information no one can learn and interact with others. We can’t get accurate meaning of the messages without using languages. Those messages can be verbal or

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