Social Impact Strategy

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Global Social Impact Strategies intended to provide an academic experience that is socially relevant which would combine classroom curriculum with hands-on learning in a setting that is international. This course is designed to help in gaining in-depth insights into the economic and also in creating the social value for the developing world. Students will learn to think strategically and act opportunistically with a not only a business mindset but a socially conscious business mindset through case studies, lectures, fieldwork and classroom dialogue. Students would conduct fieldwork abroad where they would actually have the opportunity apply their classroom learnings, through a partnership with firms located in India. Group projects will…show more content…
The purpose is to provide students with hands- on exposure to the entrepreneurial pursuit of innovation and social impact. As a result of this course, students will gain: 1) Increased ability to recognize and critically assess various forms of social enterprise strategies as tools of economic development and social transformation; 2) Greater understanding of the challenges of growing and sustaining a social enterprise, as well as special insights into enterprise development and growth; 3) Improved consulting skills, including project planning, issue analysis, formulation of strategic and tactical recommendations, and client relationship management. By participating in the course, students will be better able to adapt and apply business skills and academic disciplines in the social sector, and will have increased skills for effective and thoughtful leadership in business and society throughout their…show more content…
This course focuses on new venture initiation and the preparation of a business plan that can be used to begin operations in a new business enterprise. It examines the critical factors involved in the conception, initiation, and development of new business ventures.

Growth Strategies for the Emerging Enterprise. This course focuses on growth strategies of emerging ventures to determine challenges that may arise at different stages of the business life cycle (i.e., strategic planning, resource allocation). The course emphasizes how to thoroughly critique the operations of the business at various growth stages, how growth can be managed, and how a successful exit can be achieved.

Entrepreneurship Strategy. Directed and monitored students’ progress and performance in consultation projects with small business owners. Students assist entrepreneurs in the field in developing business plans, feasibility analyses, and marketing plans. Students receive valuable experience working with owners in solving and giving recommendations to real entrepreneurial challenges, problems, and

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