Global Sweatshop Case Study

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Ch. 12 Describe the problem of the global sweatshop. The society is brimming with the multidimensional employment issues. The global sweatshop is one of such issues across many countries. In view of sweatshop, a workstation which breaches at least two or more labor laws can be termed as a sweatshop. By and large, these factories encompass child labor concerns, deplorable work conditions in common with imbalanced remunerations, prolonged working hours and dearth of benefits. As a matter of fact, many developing countries accompanied by the US are the abode of the global sweatshop (Lewis, 2012). For example, the footwear and clothing industry seem to be interwoven with sweatshop theme. Having worked for the even international brands, such companies do not agree to give wages or written contracts to their employees. For example, companies from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and other countries have poor work settings and wage standard in spite of having business linkage with…show more content…
Let's say, civil disorder, shared forcefulness, can be considered as one type of terrorism. Next, political and restricted political terrorism, a ferocious nature of manners, executed to disseminate the distress in the community for administrative intentions, is also a prime type of terrorism. Likewise, state or structural terrorism, a type of terrorism category, here, the government plays a key role to propagate uncertainties and coercion in quest of the radical intentions (Ponting & Whytye, 2012). Then there is an unreceptive terrorism, which can be defined as to be blind eye towards the terrorism or no actions’ presence to counterattack terrorism. However, there are other types of terrorism as well, such as cyber terrorism, eco terrorism, and nuclear terrorism and so
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