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Global Tourism And Hospitality Management An Introduction to the Global Tourism and Hospitality The Global Tourism and Hospitality industries are two parallel segments made for each other . Two industries that collaborate to be one of the largest and quickly emerging industries throughout the world resulting with an enormous and effective global economic contribution. Picture Credits : 1. Understand the size and scope of the global tourism and hospitality industry 1.1 Analyze the size , nature and the sub-sectors of the global tourism and hospitality industry The Global Tourism Industry  One of the most important income generators. The tourism industry has a relatively large contribution…show more content…
Firms such as airlines , hotels , cruise lines and restaurants provide direct employment because their employees have direct contact with the tourists , thus making them direct employers. While firms such as good suppliers , restaurant suppliers and airline manufacturers are examples for indirect employment because they manage to give the necessary goods to the direct employees . This proves that the tourism and hospitality industry could offer a number of working opportunities to those with any kind of qualifications specially for the population in remote and rural areas. 1.1.2 The nature of the global tourism and hospitality The Tourism and Hospitality Industry is an extremely important sector throughout the world because it can bring good incomes to every country , it could bring a large number of employments , it is ready willing and able etc. However there are countries that build upon tourism and rely more on the incomes they gain through the industry .These countries make the tourism industry their vital income generator and are recognized as ' tourism-dependant countries'. Example: Maldives , Seychelles , British Virgin Islands…show more content…
The most widespread endemic of Ebola virus in history These events greatly influence the countries' economic contribution through the Tourism and Hospitality sectors since less tourists will be eager to have a stay in those countries. And after such events occur it is not easy for the industry to develop since it takes very long. The tourism and hospitality industry is a labor intensive industry since it needs a smooth functioning with the aid of many other sectors. For lodging purposes the industry needs hotels , villas etc. For nutrition purposes restaurants , fast-food outlets etc. For travelling purposes vehicles and much more. 1.1.3 Sub-sectors of the global tourism and hospitality industry To keep the global tourism and hospitality industry equitable and operative the industry has its own sub-sectors categorized which helps to improve the industries quality and services. The sub-sectors of the global tourism and hospitality industry:  The private sector  The commercial sector  The catering sector  The Government organization The private sector - The private sector gives all the services necessary to the tourist. This consists of all services and facilities given through the industry such as Hotels , Food , Pubs , Travel

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