Global Tourism Industry Analysis

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1. The size and scope
1.1 Analyze size , nature and sub sector of global tourism and hospitality
The tourism industry is one of the largest economy and global successful income that bring country become rise in GDP. Moreover, tourism industry shows how to promote government and private sector. According to Global travel and tourism industry - Statistics & Facts claims that International tourist arrivals have been rising number from 528 million in 2005 to 1.19 billion in 2015.
The hospitality industry makes for tourism market that serve good service towards customer for make them satisfied in goods and service. And number of global tourism has expanded each year, it aim to build and encourage people more travel.
Sub- sector global tourism
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While giving authorize travel professional to sell either domestic or international air ticket.
1.3 Explain the history of the tourism and hospitality industry
The history of the tourism and hospitality industry
An early civilization is lack of public transportation because mostly people used to walk a long distance. In addition, they have good community relationship between their own tribe and give free food even free accommodation
Middle age is duration time of the middle ages between 14th and 16th centuries and among traveler sent their own children study in aboard in order to gain better education, and spread out that knowledge throughout home country. Such as Marco Polo who was one travelled between Europe and Far East. To bring new skill knowledge and teach new generation In 19th Century, UK has one of innovation industrial that make steam engine and automobile were established. Even they invented air plane for fastest transportation during WWI and WWII. Present day has developed in term of tourism rapidly, and increasing number of traveler to aboard more and
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And build new construction while improving facilities
- Alleviates poverty o Tourism and hospitality industry gives worker chance to gain money and make business in order to not being poor

- Changing lifestyle and increased standard of living o When that country become tourist places, they will need to develop in city and make lifestyle looks luxury and easy access to connect main tourist places. Thus, standard living of people become better in economy due to tourism bring high GDP in country.
The negative Socio-environment impacts of tourism and hospitality divided into 2 parts
- Crime rates o The number crime rates would strongly increase such as crime against persons consist of robbery and murder, crime against property like thief at home. These reason will push more criminal in that country because of multi – nations and people around the world come to visit without knowing their background type.
- Spread of

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