Global Trade Dbq Analysis

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The Impact of the New World in Global Trade People all over the world were affected by the global trade that was opened with the exploration of the new world. Between 1300-1800 CE people began to open trade routes that allowed people to trade all over the world. This allowed for new ideas and technologies to access parts of the world that they never had before. Now that there was an extreme increase in trade, a new merchant class arose in Europe. Trade was an important force for change leading to the desire for new resources and goods; drove exploration; and impacted societies and relationships between civilizations around the world. Trade became an important force for change in the early modern world. As trade increased, goods from around…show more content…
It helped bring countries together. People were now beginning to realize that even though they were of different religions, the could still get along. Before trade erupted people focused on their religions, and they would distance themselves from anyone who did not also believe in their religion, but now people are beginning to realize that even though they do not share religions, they can share other ideas and practices, which brought together many different countries who previously were enemies (Doc. 1). For example, in a letter from the Great Moghul Jahangir of India to James I, the king of England, Jahangir expresses his utter joy that he has towards James I. England had now given merchants free liberty without any restraints to gain favor with Moghul Jahangir (Doc. 7). This shows how countries are now starting to work with each other and get along. Although trade did bring many countries together, it also caused a degree of conflict between some countries. For instance, while Venice at war, they worried that if they were to trade things such as iron, pointed stakes, ropes, or unfinished wood with the Saracens, they would use them for weapons against Venice and give them an advantage during the war (Doc.
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