Global Trends In The Hospitality Industry Essay

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The world is changing every day. More and more new ideas and innovations come out. The hospitality and tourism industry is facing different challenges and opportunities. Trends in the industry can be just a flash in the pan but some can last for a long time. The following analyzes three emerging global trends that are likely to impact the growth of the industry in the future.

One of the trends is co-living. It was not prevalent in the hospitality industry in the past. The co-living trend arose from the shortage of accommodation in some cities as a solution to the urban housing crisis. Some pod hotels and poshtels are developed. But co-living is totally different. Elements in a co-living space include shared kitchen, a common area, which grants you opportunities to make friends with those from all around the world. Companies are still working on this new concept. Therefore, co-living may be a short-to-medium-term trend which will boom in the next few years.

Different factors contribute to the rise of this trend. Co-living is all about sharing, interaction and developing connections. Cultural and social factors play important roles in this trend. In today’s world, people are highly educated. Discrimination and nonacceptance towards people from other races or culture
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For example, a boutique hotel, Aloft Cupertino, has a robot butler called Botlr that can move between various floors of the hotel to take items like chargers to guests. (Technology in the hospitality). Infrared scanner is used to detect body heat within a room so cleaning staff will know if the room is occupied to prevent disruption to customers. For tourists, they can simply use the apps and booing platforms to plan their travel route, book the hotel and air ticket. They also actively engage in social networking sites like Facebook and TripAdvisor to give feedback to the

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