Global Trends In The Hotel Industry

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Snežana Štetić, Dario Šimičević, Dr. Sanja Pavlović (2017). The importance of technologies for a national hotel company development, the journal of quaestus multidisciplinary research journal. The constant change internationally impact on the tourism and hospitality industries in ways of economic, social and political factors with that said ,According to the article “Tourism is, a known global process that involves people from all over the world and leads the tourists to different parts of the world.” the article intertwines the globalization impact on tourism of a technological point of view, judging how the global trends affect…show more content…
The following article brings into consideration some of the conceptualization trends that were and are present all along tourism history: Post Fordism, Globalization amongst others, where some values like authenticity, hyper-reality, ephemerality or sustainability must be taken into account. In other, the article gives an overview of the trend of tourism of globalization to modern society. According to the article tourism, as any other massive phenomenon has suffered a deep change tightly linked to social change, where internet and social media are playing an important deeper understanding in the item, it’s clear that the tourist mind frequently changes so does the demand for its products and service, and so the industry has to gradually change to accommodate those demands which reshape the industry trends. From the reading of the article, it is clear that globalization is unavoidable in the tourism sector, being today’s most controversial issue. According to Hjaleger (2006) “as the increasing integration of economies, societies, and civilizations. It includes, and goes beyond, the more simple internationalization defined as relations among and within nations. Globalization is a restructuring process that is acting anywhere and affecting all aspects of human life: from the capital…show more content…
The global economy and the World Tourism Organizations acknowledge that developments in the meetings industry can be an essential driver of the nation’s economy. The article places emphasis on the concept of globalization, with the use of literature the article gives examples as it relates the concept and hospitality and tourism industry. For the researcher to meet the study purposes of this article as well as, to be able to document the use of globalization as a growth strategy within the United State MICE industry predominantly a service industry, combining trade, transportation, finance, and travel has been active in Europe and America for over a century. Today, countries all over the world are putting their best foot forward to enliven national economic development through the MICE industry, this exploratory study used a qualitative, multiple case study research design, which is suitable when knowledge is relatively new,

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