Global Warming Conspiracy

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Conspiracy theorists along with everyday citizens view the government as corrupt and swarming with lies used for personal gain. Climate change, which is often disputed, falls into the gray area of questionable because the science behind it can only suggest so much, according to some. As far as scientists can comprehend, ultraviolet rays of light come from the sun and only a slight fraction of them make it through Earth’s atmosphere to hit the planet’s crust. The ground 's surface deflects much of the heat from sunshine back into the atmosphere as radiation where it is trapped by gases. These gases are referred to as “greenhouse gases” because the heat from light being trapped inside of the greenhouse resembles the atmosphere and environment…show more content…
The scientific community has made strides internationally in the past decades and has moved to discovering things within days that would have taken centuries back in 1896 when global warming was first theorized. Nevertheless, there are extremists who argue that not even the scientists are certain with their findings, yet majority of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming. That includes groups of all purposes; governmental, scientific, and even those who lose profit from the research, such as oil companies. Others go as far as to play the “climate has fluctuated before” card. Any true investigator should know that the environment changes based on what is pushing it to do so, and currently, that is the human race. Few of these skepticists realize the peril that Earth and its inhabitants are in, and no species is able to adapt to a climate changing at the rate it is currently, no matter what they may claim. Based on the findings of two studies done on 10,306 scientists, 97% of scientists are confident in and support the fact that humans are responsible for the significant portion of global warming and that it is in fact real. A key factor in this decision reverts back to the infinite fossil fuels and forms of coal that humans burn in an effort to supply the planet of power. When those are burned, the devastating amount of carbon dioxide released in that process has a chemical “fingerprint” and the excess gas in the modern atmosphere is a perfect match for the crime. As mentioned by the World Nuclear Association, “ice core samples show that both carbon dioxide… levels are higher than at any time in the past 650,000 years – CO2 there being 170-270 ppm. CO2 is essential to plant life, and needs to be at… 150 ppm to sustain it.” All of the things occurring that are unnatural in the world’s environment are real and even if extremists and conspiracists claim
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