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Question: Discuss about global warming and its impact on developing and developed country.
Answer: Global warming refers to the increase the average surface temperature of Earth due to effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide which is caused due to burning of fossil fuels or from deforestation. The increase in carbon dioxide leads to melting of polar ice caps which increases the sea level and pose danger for the people.
The amount of heat which is trapped in the atmosphere depends upon the concentration of greenhouse gases and the time they stay in the atmosphere. The major greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide and water vapour. It is the increase in atmosphere temperature of Earth due to greenhouse gases.
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The factors damage agriculture and fisheries.

Activities responsible for global warming:

• Deforestation- It refers to the in which forests and stand of trees are removed and land is converted into non-forest use. It is the destruction of forests available for other uses.
• Burning of fossil fuels- Fossil fuels which is burn to work such as cars and heavy duty trucks, shipping vessels, trains and airplanes. It creates pollution and it is very difficult to manage and this is because humans are very dependent on vehicles for transporting people, goods and
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Developing countries had just began their development and adapt with climate change.
Developed nations already prepared with climate change impact and have sufficient finance and technology whereas developing countries have limited finance and technology as they are more unprotected from climate change. Climate change or global warming have more impact on developing countries than developed countries.
Highly unprotected region include South and South East Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Cities like Kolkata and Mumbai face increased intensive cyclones, flooding and warming temperature.
Himalayas have massive loss of snow melt and it reduce the flow of water. Developing countries are situated in low latitude countries and 80% of the damage from climate change may be held in these areas. Northerly regions enjoy a net benefit from modest level of

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