Global Warming Cause

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Today it is thought that global warming is a serious problem in our society. Scientist say that global warming has caused an abundance of serious matter like polar bear population decreased and extreme weather conditions. In this essay, global warming will be discussed and the cause and effects of it, as well as to what we can do to help prevent it. Ultimately, a conclusion will be raised answering the focus question, “Will global warming be the end of the human race?”

First Section:
Global Warming and its Causes

Global warming is an unnatural warmer of the earth. Global warming is when the average temperature of earth's atmosphere and oceans rise. It is often confused with the greenhouse effect, which is a different thing.
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It is thought to have created a great deal of problems within today's society. One big effect of global warming is extreme weather conditions and more natural disasters. Scientific evidence has been shown that global warming is increasing the probability of droughts, hurricanes, heat waves, coastal flooding, and extreme precipitation.

Some areas of the world are receiving heavy rainfall. In 2007, extremely heavy rainfall caused floods across South Asia and over twenty million people were affected by the floods as well as 250 people were killed. Scientist believe that it is global warming that is causing more rainfall because warmer air can hold more moisture, which leads to more precipitation.

In contrast to areas around the world that are getting more floods, other areas are receiving much less rainfall than before. Since the 1970, droughts have become longer and more extreme. Droughts means that there will be less water supply for drinking, watering crops, and for generating hydropower with dams. Droughts are also really dangerous because they can cause serious wildfires. With drier conditions, the area is more prone to wildfires. Wildfires affect a lot of wildlife in the forests. It will destroy their habitat as well as trap them inside and kill them. Heat waves are also connected to droughts. Heat waves are really dangerous and caused more deaths annually than hurricanes, lightning,
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Trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and then turn it into food for them. About 10% of the heat trapped in the atmosphere is due to deforestation so this can significantly lower the global warming effect.

It is also important to have better, more efficient building and devices. Improving the insulation in your house reduces the amount of warm air escaping, making you use less. In your house, you can also upgrade and change your devices to more energy saving things. For example, low energy light bulbs use ⅙ of the energy that you use for regular ones.

Not only should you personally do things to help stop global warming, but the government should also take control. In 1997, the United Nations took charge and came up with the Kyoto Protocol. It didn't go into force until 2005, and its mission was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. More recently, in 2009 they had the Copenhagen Summit. Global Warming is an undeniable threat to the human race. It is very dangerous and could possible be the end of the human race. It is critical that we stop it now, for the polar bear population is dramatically decreasing, we have more serious weather conditions, and sea levels will rise enough to put a lot of coastal cities
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