Global Warming Dbq Research Paper

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It’s obvious to see that global warming is becoming more and more of an issue. What we don’t know is how much global warming is going to affect us in the future. Some people believe it’s a major issue while other aren’t quite sure if it would even change anything or cause damage. When you look at the statistics though, it’s easy to realize that something, like using renewable resources, must be done to slow down global warming or stop it all together. Over time our planet has become increasingly more industrialized. More factories have been built and increased air pollution has been found all over the world. The surface temperature of the ocean has been steadily increasing as well since the 1950’s (Source B). This has led to people to believe that the surface temperature of the ocean correlates with air pollution. If air pollution increases, so will the temperature of the…show more content…
In 2005, 140 countries signed a treaty to reduce their country’s greenhouse-gas emissions (Source A). There are numerous ways to go about this but the best option is to use more renewable resources. The main cause of global warming is CO2 gas being released into the atmosphere and almost 75% of that gas comes from breaking down fossil fuels (Source A). Using renewable resources in place of the fossil fuels would be cleaner and lead to less gas being released into the atmosphere. With technology growing like it is today, finding different ways to use cleaner resources should be easier than ever before. Large companies could even have to pay if they don’t lower their CO2 emissions. This would help motivate them to create a better environment (Source C). Hopefully these companies use renewable resources to help the environment without giving up
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