Global Warming Effects

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How does global warming affect the weather? Global warming is when the heat-trapping gases which is known as the greenhouse gases are release. These gases will keep the heat from escaping the Earth’s atmosphere, but will allow light to go through. Each day the green house gases levels are increasing. Process of Global Warming First the light from the sun shines into the Earth’s surface, which is where light is absorbed and then radiated back into the atmosphere as heat. Greenhouse gases trapped some of the heat that is radiated back into the atmosphere and the rest of the heat is release into space. If there are more greenhouse gases, then there are more heat trapped. The greenhouse effect helps to keep Earth’s climate. Human could also increase the greenhouse effect by producing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by giving out carbon dioxide when they breathe, and produces smokes when they burn things surrounding them. Global warming has also cause a lot of inconvenience, for example it has affected the weather. This paper is going to talk exactly about that. It cause theory region becomes drier as well as wet regions that also become wetter. It also causes the heat waves become more frequent and more intense and sea level to rise rapidly throughout the year. It had also make the cold days decrease. As climate changes, temperature and weather will change and shelters of plants and animal will be affected, for example polar bears. If the Arctic ice melts, their
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