Are Humans Responsible For Climate Change

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The ice sheets have dissipated to the point of no return. Undoubtedly, the ice sheets are disappearing. For instance, half of the ice has disappeared since 1980, and today people are indecisive about what is responsible for climate change. Humans are not only injecting CO2 into the atmosphere, but also into the ocean, causing ocean acidification. Furthermore, modern technologies have contributed to recent discoveries of fossil fuels. The world now has more than it could possibly need. There is a Danish island called Samso that comprehends the issue of global warming. For example, this meager community has managed to become carbon neutral. Once again, the president would promise to take action. Barack Obama appeared to be taking action, however,…show more content…
Even if CO2 emissions completely disappear, it would take thousands and thousands of years for the atmosphere to return to normal. One scientist, Ken Caldeira, would publish research on ocean acidification, and it would be startling. For instance, he put fourth four different scenarios, and even in the best case scenario, the ocean is going to still end up the same as in the worst-case scenario. Furthermore, corals are dying at alarming rates. Consequently, this is where a massive portion of marine life resides. The corals demise is because of water saturation levels, and most of the marine life around the coral is totally dependent on them. In return, this will have a catastrophic effect on marine ecosystems. The planet cannot possibly recover from all the CO2 emissions. In this chapter, ocean acidification comes to light. There is no way to predict what happens after plankton and coral disappear. Ultimately, it will be catastrophic to the ocean ecosystem. I also learned that if it was not for the ocean absorbing all the CO2 that it does, the planet would be worse off than it is. Chapter 13: Unconventional…show more content…
The mining process of tar sands is simply atrocious. The condition of the left over water from the process is ridiculous. Plus, it takes extensive amounts of energy to deal with tar sand mining. Therefore, they are going to build two nuclear power plants to provide for it. In addition, the unconventional oil extracting process creates extra greenhouse gases than using the oil itself creates. Supposedly, the polluted water from the tar sand process is getting into one village’s water supply. Rare types of cancer have been popping up in this community. In this chapter, instead of looking for new ways to lower CO2 levels, humans are using new technologies to add even more CO2 to the atmosphere. These are the results of mining oil unconventionally, which is a process that is unbelievably harmful to our planet in my

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