Global Warming In Octavia Butler's Parable Of The Sower

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When dealing with the facts of life, many people like to be lied to because they believe that it would lessen the hopeless feeling the news would bring. However, when dealing with issues such as global warming and pollution, the matter should be dealt with in the strictest and most truthful manner due to the severity of the issue. Many authors have published fictional books about events that may happen if humans do not change their ways, however, it heavily relies on the reader’s emotion to empathize with the main character and some events that occur is speculative. When it comes to non-fiction pieces about global warming, like in the article like “Coming Home,” by Roy Scranton, this article is rooted in statics and real life events and are…show more content…
Her family tries to keep the violence out of their gated community, however, when her home is destroyed and her family is murdered, she must travel north to Canada with some survivors from outside the wall. Butler uses themes, such as freedom and community, to receive the sympathy of her readers. Lauren, her family, and the other families within the walled neighborhood live as virtual prisoners, and if they decide to venture outside, they must be armed. The community is always under constant attack by thieves and drug addicts that bury and scavenge whatever they can. Within the wall, there are no jobs available and with resources constantly getting depleted, they will get poorer and poorer. The federal government is powerless to improve the situation. Lauren knows the only alternative for many families is to move to the company town of Olivar. In Chapter 11, Reverend Olamina, Lauren’s father, says “Freedom is dangerous…but it’s precious too. You can’t just throw it away or let it slip away. You can’t sell it for bread and pottage.” (Butler) This was Reverend Olamina’s response to Lauren after debating whether to move to Olivar for a better

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