Global Warming In Thailand Essay

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Global warming in Thailand
The earth absorbs much radiation from the sun to warm the atmosphere, the land, and the oceans. This energy is reradiated back into space. In the past, the thermal budget of the earth is more or less balanced, with radiation from the sun on par with thermal radiation from the earth. With increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, some of the thermal radiation is absorbed by these gases resulting in an increase of global mean surface temperature, melting of polar ices and thus contributing to a rising of sea level. Increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the main cause of climate change. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. The combustion of fossil fuels along with deforestation
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Most of this was to the manufacturing industry, as seven major industrial estates were inundated by as much 3 meters (10 feet) during the floods. Disruptions to manufacturing supply chains affected regional automobile production and caused a global shortage of hard disk drives, which is expected to last throughout 2012. Thailand is one of the major agricultural countries, the largest exporter of rice. It is estimated that agriculture employs up to 49% of the population and contributes 10% of GDP. Having about 3,200 kilometres of coastline, tourism and fishery become the backbone industry of Thailand. Climate change threatens all three important sectors of Thailand’s economy: agriculture, tourism, and trade. Considering total CO2 emission, in 2008 Thailand ranks 22 of worldwide. Today, it is estimated that Thailand produces about 1% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. (0.95% of global total CO2 emission in 2008). Due to extreme differences of meteorological and glacial conditions between the North Atlantic Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean, it will be shown that sea-level rises in these two regions are extremely different in terms of global warming due to greenhouse effects on temperature increase and glacial melting by using six decades of meteorological and ocean graphical data from the Gulf of

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