Global Warming Rhetorical Analysis

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“Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore it’s dangers or split into opposing factions on it, Tony Blair.” The disregard by scientists of global warming does not remove the problems of disturbing the balance of habitats, negatively affecting the human body, and affecting the natural forces of nature, making us doubt the negation of global warming due to its horrific effects. My rebuttal coming from a site that negates my position that global warming is, in fact, real, and a serious problem. In an article coming from, it states in years in the past artic ice has “increased by 50%” which negates the concept of a gradual warming in temperature around the earth. This article also so presented studies…show more content…
Our body, our prized possession the thing that makes us, we are being harmed as we know it. We ignore the basic facts given to us from websites such as the union of concerned which suggest that not only does it effect our bodies, but our personal life. The article states that “climate change is important because our schedules revolve around whether, and with nothing to stop or slew the problem will drastically affect our lifestyle. Again we have to stop ignoring the simple truth global warming is affecting us slowly but steady, and soon it will be too late and we have to do something about this very real and dangerous issue. Another example from a different article on the website written by Amanda Macmillan who presents the general facts global warming can have on our bodies. In summary, it stated that the gradual increase in earth 's temperature “fuels” UV rays which makes them more powerful affecting our bodies significantly. A quote by Emily Roberts that says “loving your body is the best revolution” puts it best because even if you can’t see the huge problem with global warming despite arguing scientists support your body against this problem and scientists who…show more content…
In another article written by Amanda Macmillan summarizes the effects global warming has on nature due to the cause of overload of carbon dioxide and forest deforestation. First, the text states earth’s rising “temperatures are fueling longer and hotter heat waves, more frequent droughts, heavier rainfall, and more powerful hurricanes”, which is not good news for us living here on planet earth. And it doesn’t stop there-there are also the effects of global warming creating even more “intense allergy seasons”, and the frequent sea level rise happening around the world.obviously these problems are not convenient for us we shouldn’t ignore this any more change must come. Other major examples found on a website called it states “heavier flooding and precipitation” will come in result of global warming, and over the last 100 years the global temp has gone up .4 degrees celsius. These stats might not seem like a lot but they are having drastic effects on our
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