Global Warming: The Impact Of Climate Change On The Earth

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Global warming is when the average temperature of the atmosphere, ocean, and land is increasing. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Since 1800s, the average temperature worldwide has increased. The average temperature of the earth has risen up until 0.8 degrees Celsius. Within 100 years in the future, they expected the temperature will keep rising by 1.133 to 6.42 degrees Celsius. In 1896, Svante Arrhenius, a scientist said that burn fossil fuel can increase the global warming. He combined between atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and temperature. He found that due to the infrared absorption limit of water vapor and carbon dioxide the result was average temperature of the earth is about 15 degrees Celsius. He argued the concentration of CO2 that double increase will cause the temperature rise up to 5 degrees Celsius.…show more content…
Green house is one of the causes of global warming. This is happening when half of the light coming to Earth’s atmosphere are goes through the air and clouds to the surface, where earth should absorb the light however because it is like a mirror, it reflects back the light instead of absorbing the light. Therefore, the impact of the greenhouse concept is very influential on the increase of global warming on Earth. Climate change due to global warming has happened many times over the historical backdrop of the Earth. Some people think global warming is not a big issue because they have not felt and seen the impact of global warming. Mostly of the impact are short-term impacts, that is why they underestimate this problem. Global warming is serious problem that we must think how to stop it and prevent it. Because it can effect on people and also environment in many ways. Global warming is having a negative impact on

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