Global Warming: The Main Causes Of Climate Change

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“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.” A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson (Trask). A mere half of America believes that climate change is predominantly caused by humans, even though 69% of America accept that climate change is an actual event (Marlon). The other 31% needs to identify what climate change is, what it causes, and how it can be prevented. Before they can learn anything else, the citizens of America along with the rest of the planet need to know what climate change is. The greenhouse effect is not a term known by the average American. However, it is practically climate change. The greenhouse effect is when greenhouse gases become trapped in the atmosphere, consequently acting like a blanket to prevent any outgoing solar energy to escape. This causes the increased warming that generates all the issues. According to the Earth Works Group, carbon dioxide is responsible for 50% of the greenhouse effect. Other greenhouse gases that add to this issue are chlorofluorocarbon, methane, and nitrous oxide (The). Moreover, what does the increased temperature cause?
Global warming is a serious concern, but why? One of the main effects of climate change is the melting ice caps. In March of 2017, the ice caps reached a record low in growth (Vinas). This causes issues for all the exclusive species (including the polar bear and arctic fox) that reside in these areas. Not being able to locate food or find a safe place to live, has caused

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