Climate Change Is Relevant In Today's World

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Climate change is an issue that is relevant in today 's world. There is a vast amount of evidence suggesting that climate change is real, and could potentially have a drastic impact on our planet if the necessary measures aren’t taken to stop and reverse its effects. Human decisions have led to global warming, and those choices are what will potentially harm not only us, but also our planet. One evidence for global warming can be seen in the significant change in the record of high and low temperatures on this planet “The number of record high temperatures have been increasing and the record of low temperatures have been decreasing since the 1950”(NASA). Regions that are already vulnerable to extreme temperatures can be further affected by a downward…show more content…
Its an issue that impacts the whole global community and requires everyone to pitch in. It took us centuries of innovation and hard work to get to the point where we are today, and it’ll take us a few centuries more to come up with more innovations and ideas to take away the burden that we have put on our planet. We as a global community need to collaborate to end climate change, we as individuals need to do what we can to help sustain our environment. Reducing, reusing and recycling are great ways to reduce the amount of waste and carbon dioxide that we produce. Driving less is another way; biking, walking and carpooling are more environmental friendly. Turning off the lights and our devices, in order to save electricity is another way that we as individuals can make a impact on our climate. Or even something that doesn 't affect our daily routine, such planting a tree could make an impact on the environment. There are many things that we could do that would lessen the burden of global warming, whether or not we choose to do these things depends on us as
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