Global Warming: The Negative Factors To Climate Change

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Many of us do not stop to think that every time we go eat a burger at in-n-out or when we start up our cars in the morning to go to school or work is negatively affecting earth physically. Many of our daily activities are contributing to climate change which is causing global warming. There are many negative factors that happen due to the fact of climate change such as glaciers melting, deforestation, sea level rising and so much more. We as the human race can do and change a whole lot, to better our planet for our future grandkids, but most importantly just for all of the living things on earth. As of right now I can personally take action to make the world a better place, such as by changing my daily habits, investing money for better alternatives and educating others on global warming. Changing my daily habits is one way I can personally take action to help the environment. Starting off by cutting on how much beef I consume, I like many other Americans love beef and causing methane to be released into the atmosphere. The Mathematician Gidon Eshel said “methane is far more impactful, every molecule of methane is equivalent to twenty-three molecules of CO2”(00:52:00-00:52:50). For instance if I start to cut my diet into eating less beef I would be helping the environment. Instead of eating beef three times a week I can eat it once a week and maybe the other days eat fish or chicken to reduce how much beef I am purchasing. I can simply reduce CO2 by not using my car as

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