Global Warming?: What Causes Global Warming?

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What causes global warming?

What is the Greenhouse effect?
The sun 's heat gets trapped in the Earth’s lower atmosphere, this is due to the greater transparency of the atmosphere to visible radiation from the sun than to infrared radiation emitted from the planet’s surface.The greenhouse effect has become a major factor in keeping the earth warm because it increases the temperature of the Earth by trapping heat in its atmosphere. Because of this, the temperature of Earth is higher than it would be if it were only being heated by direct heat from the sun. When sunlight reaches the surface of the Earth, it is absorbed. However, some of it rebounds back towards space as heat. The greenhouse gases that are in Earth’s atmosphere at this time absorb the heat and it gets redirected back towards Earth.

What causes the Greenhouse effect?
The Greenhouse effect seems to be the main cause of the current global warming trend. This is due to the trapping of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere that’s radiating towards space.
Where do the Greenhouse gases come from?
The major component of the Greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2). Most of CO2 comes from fossil fuels and land-use change. However, Methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), which usually tend to come from agriculture and waste. These are also significant GHGs and should not be discounted.In the atmosphere, the different principles of the Greenhouse gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and
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